3 Senior Pet Care Tips

The stages of life are the same for all beings on the planet.

We’re born and as we age, our bodies change – sometimes ever so slightly and other times overtly and in your face. As pet parents, it’s your duty to take care of your animals from the moment they enter your home and hearts until they depart. At Sarasota Vet, we are here to help you along the way by providing 3 tips for senior pet care.

Tip #1 – Monitor your dog’s diet properly.

This is a very basic requirement that should be consistently fulfilled throughout your dog’s life. The risk of obesity is always there, but more so when your dog ages, because they become less active and more sedentary. Just as when you first got your dog, you were careful about what you fed him and how much. Keep that same energy going, because it’s one of the best forms of senior pet care.

Tip #2 – Don’t allow your dog to be sedentary.

As we mentioned earlier, the older your dog gets the slower his moving habits may become, unless you intervene. Keep your pet moving and in the habit of regular exercise. We aren’t suggesting that you start a brand new routine. We are simply suggesting that you continue what you’ve previously done. However, if you were not in the habit of daily exercise, we do recommend that you start slowly. A daily short walk or some play around the house can mask as exercise.

Tip #3 – Visit your vet routinely and often.

Senior pet care consists of health exams being performed every 6 months for senior dogs. Visiting our office will provide potential early detection of any diseases or illnesses. This is also a good way to gauge the mobility of your pup and diagnose joint pain.


These tips are rather simple and easy to implement and are so beneficial to the happy and healthy preservation of your dog’s life.