6 At-Home Remedies for Treating Joint Pain in Dogs

You’ve recently discovered that there is joint pain in your pup.


This doesn’t always mean that you have to bring them in to our Sarasota Veterinary Center right away. There are some things that you can do to facilitate their pain and discomfort.


Remedy #1: Provide a Healthy Diet

One of the most effective ways to ease joint pain in dogs is to regulate their diets. The excessive body weight puts unwanted pressure on their joints, thus causing them more pain. Getting and keeping your dog at an ideal weight decreases the stress on their joints and the inflammation.


Remedy #2: Purchase Joint Supplements

There are some over-the-counter supplements that can greatly reduce and improve joint pain in dogs. They will promote healthy cartilage and joint health overall.


Remedy #3: Exercise Your Dog

Even though your dog is experiencing discomfort, this isn’t an excuse to keep him immobile. There is plenty you can do to ease the pain and keep them healthy. One effective way is to engage them in a low-impact exercise, such as swimming. Keeping your dog’s muscles healthy will help protect their joints in the long run (pun intended).


Remedy #4: Keep Them Warm

Just as with humans, the pain of arthritis increases when they are cold. The same applies to dogs. Keeping pups warm eases the joint pain in dogs. You can do this by putting on a sweater or keeping the temperature in your home a little warmer. Sometimes turning small space heaters on and handy will help.


Remedy #5: Invest in Ramps

You’ve seen them before and maybe laughed, but those funny little ramps aren’t just good for helping your pet hop on the couch to cuddle with you! They also be easier on their joints as they’re trying. Jumping exacerbates their pain. Invest in some ramps to help the joint pain in dogs.


Remedy #6: Puppy Massage Therapy

Take some time and give your pup a gentle rub or you can take her to a professional masseuse. A massage can ease your dog’s pain, while increasing her circulation and flexibility. It also creates even more of a bonding experience for the both of you, via physical touch!