Ahh-chooo! Your Dog is Sneezing But Why?

Okay, so winter is in full swing right about now!

Those of you in colder climates are feeling it and so are your pets. As pet parents, you’re likely in tune with what goes on with your pup, so when she sneezes you may pause and question it. Here is a look at some possible reasons why your dog may be sneezing.

Form of Communication

If you can believe it, some dogs are actually attempting to communicate by making a sneezing sound. If you see your pup sneezing and bowing their heads in an excited way, this means they’re inviting you to play! Sometimes this also means that they aren’t a threat if they do this around another one.

At times, your dog sneezing fit will be because of their level of excitement! That’s true. Some dogs make sneezing sounds when they are excited about something you are doing with them. If they see a treat coming their way, they may make a sneezing-like sound! They’re really communicating that they’re happy and excited. So, don’t call us just yet!


This is more obvious, but unfortunately, some sneezing dogs are actually sick and may indicate an illness. They could simply have a sinus infection or a cold of sorts. Just like with humans, it may last a few days and your pup will be feeling better.

If you notice that your dog sneezing during certain times of the year, this could be because of seasonal allergies. Just as with humans, pollen can wreak havoc on a nose! There are many other irritants that can cause allergies too.

Nasal Irritation

The last reason we’re highlighting why your dog sneezing is prevalent is because of a irritation. She may simply have something stuck in it and they can’t reach it with their paws. Dogs are constantly smelling stuff and things sometimes go in the nasal passage. When your dog is sneezing it will help to get it out and make your pup comfortable again. Keep in mind that your puppy’s nose is very sensitive and may require an appointment with us.


We hope that these explanations have shed light on dog sneezing! As you can see, not all are cause for alarm but as long as you’re paying close attention, your pup should be fine!