FAQs for Sarasota Vet

We operate with sincerity and with a genuine love of animals.

It is the motivating influence in everything that we do at Sarasota Vet Center. We understand the special bond you have with your pets and we want to be your partner in giving them a long, happy, and healthy life.

Maybe you’ve got a new pet patient that you’re bringing into our office or maybe you’re a current customer coming back for a routine appointment. In either case, we are here to serve you and your precious pet. We’ve put together five commonly thought of questions that our current and new clients may have.

  1. What services do we offer?

Besides providing excellent medical and nutritional advice and care, we also offer pet grooming and boarding services.

  1. Do you train pets?

No, we do not offer training at the time, however, we offer client education. It is a vital part of providing high-quality care to responsible pet owners. A large percentage of our time is spent on explaining things and answering questions so that our pet owners, both new and current, can make better informed decisions regarding your pet’s healthcare.

  1. Do you offer dental cleanings or services in-house?

Yes, at Sarasota Vet we offer dental services. Because pets do not brush and floss daily as people do, they get a thick buildup of tartar and bacteria that can lead to gum disease, abscesses and even more dangerous and potentially life-threatening problems such as kidney failure, heart disease, spinal cord disease, and strokes. We scrape the teeth and under the gum line to remove tartar and then polish the teeth smooth and apply fluoride as well as another protective product called Oravet.

  1. We have recently adopted a senior pet. How do you handle older dogs?

Pets of different sizes and breeds age differently so at Sarasota Vet Center we keep you advised of how your pet is aging and what steps you can take to maintain an excellent quality of life for your pet as it goes through the different life stages.

  1. We recently purchased a puppy. Do you microchip at your office?

Here at Sarasota Veterinary Center we recommend a microchip that is designed to make sure it does not move around under your pet’s skin, but stays in place to be easily detected if your pet wanders away from home or while traveling or gets scared by a storm or repair person and gets outside of your home or yard. The company we recommend comes with a one time fee for a lifetime registration and you can update our contact information if you change your address, telephone number or email.

We hope that we have answered some of the burning questions that you may have regarding your pet. Feel free to take a look at some of our other FAQ’s by clicking here.


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