Allergy Treatment

Allergy Treatment

Allergies are one of the most common problems that pet owners bring their pets in to see the veterinarian for at Sarasota Veterinary Center.  The symptoms usually are skin related and often involve a lot of itching which leads to hair loss as well as scabs and sores on the pet’s skin, but can also involve runny eyes, sneezing and coughing or gagging as well as gastrointestinal issues on occasion. We specialize in allergy treatment for all kinds of pets.


Airborne allergens including pollen are the culprit in the vast majority of cases.  Advertisers trying to sell the latest food  want you to focus on food allergies or even grain allergies specifically, but only 4% of the population has food allergies and only 1.8% of the population has problems such as gluten or grain intolerance. That leaves the majority of pets with allergies to pollens just like a lot of their owners have in certain months of the year. The main difference being that most people get “hay fever” respiratory symptoms and most pets get itchy and inflamed skin symptoms.


Fortunately, the doctors and staff at Sarasota Veterinary Center are well trained to handle allergy treament problems. Living in Florida with our great weather and beautiful flowers and trees means that we see this type of thing multiple times a day in our practice.  A thorough physical examination and discussion with the pet owner will allow us to use the best treatments to give your pet relief. It may be an injection, a pill, a shampoo, a supplement or in some cases even a special diet that helps the skin.


Usually it is some combination of the above treatments, but rest assured we will pick what is best for your pet just like we do for our  own pets because We Love Pets And It Shows!

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