Arthritis & Pain Manager

Arthritis & Pain Management

Dogs and cats can experience many of the same problems when it comes to getting older. One of the most common senior ailments, joint pain for dogs and cats can seriously impact their quality of life. But it doesn’t have to! Here at Sarasota Veterinary Center, we can put together a multi-modal therapy that can help your pets as soon as day one of treatment. Joint pain for dogs and other animals can be properly and appropriately managed, so they can make the most of their golden years!


There are many options to make your pet feel better if he or she is in pain.  Dr. Smith can discuss nutrition and supplements, physical therapy, and other treatment modalities in addition to medical management of your pet. He will work closely with you to monitor your pets progress and make adjustments to therapy as needed. We regularly see significant improvements  in the quality of life for patients at Sarasota Veterinary Center. Nothing warms our heart more than seeing a stiff, sore and sad pet respond to treatment and begin enjoying life and acting like a puppy or kitten again.


Our four-legged family members depend on us, and it is comfortable to know that we can maintain the quality of their lives and keep them pain-free when old age and arthritis starts to affect them. With pets living longer and becoming more bonded with us as an important part of our families, that is very good news indeed!

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