When pet owners need to travel or be away from home, having a safe and trustworthy place to board their pets is important for peace of mind. That’s why we are one of the best places for dog boarding Sarasota! At Sarasota Veterinary Center we put a premium on personal attention and TLC for every pet that boards with us. We guarantee 4 walks outside each day with individual play time at no extra charge. Because we are not a large facility it is more common for us to take your pet outside 5 or even 6 times a day, but even on a busy holiday weekend we promise 4 individual walks with plenty of attention on the grassy area next to the small pond behind our clinic.


We urge pet owners to think about their pet’s unique habits and lifestyle. If your pet is not used to being around other pets, or large numbers of animals, such as in a park or day care setting, then boarding them in such a place is not a good idea. If your pet is already stressed that their owner had to leave them for a time, the last thing they want is strange dogs bothering or possibly bullying them. That is why we put the emphasis on individual walks and playtime. We guarantee that your pet will never come in contact with another pet while boarding with us unless you own several pets and want them to be walked together.


We know all of our four-legged guests by name and are grateful to see how readily and happily they walk through our clinic to the kennel. Our facility also has a separate quiet area for boarding cats. We are constantly working to keep our boarding area clean and take great pride when clients compliment us on how nice it smells when they enter our facility. Please give us a call for more information on boarding your pets at Sarasota Veterinary Center. We treat all of the pets in our care like we treat our own pets because we love pets and it shows!

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Multiple Walks Daily

Individual Attention

Immediate Medical Care

Lots of Playtime

Clean Facility

Quiet Area for Cats

Safe and Trusted

Grooming Offered