Dog Boarding with Sarasota Veterinary Center

Is it time to take your annual family vacation?

Did you make plans that won’t accommodate your pup? Did you purposely take a break from puppy parenthood? If you’ve answered yes and need peace of mind from the best dog boarding Sarasota has to offer, then come to Sarasota Veterinary Center. Our motto is “pets are family too,” and we treat them like so!

Here are the things that you’ll receive when you chose our center for dog boarding Sarasota proudly hosts:

  • Your dog will receive undivided attention and supervision.
  • Your dog will receive care both during the day and at night.
  • Your dog will be in a secure facility that will keep him safe without feeling restricted.
  • Your dog will receive at least 4 walks outside each day, with individual play time.
  • Your dog will receive attention and care even on holidays and weekends.


We urge pet owners to think about their pet’s unique habits and lifestyle. If your pet has not been adequately socialized or otherwise adjusted to being around other pets, especially large groups of animals, then boarding them in a similar setting may not best. It’s highly likely that your pet is already bothered and stressed from being separated from you, putting them in an environment around strange dogs will increase their stress level. As we mentioned previously, we take each pet on individual walks so that they aren’t coming into contact with other animals.

We recognize this is a sensitive time for both pets and pet owners and we like to give our customers supreme peace of mind while they are traveling. We are pet owners and lovers, and it shows in our daily lives. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can answer any other questions you may have because we are the exceptional dog boarding Sarasota Veterinary Center.