Dog Grooming Made Easy

Pup-tacular services for dog grooming Sarasota has to offer is right here at Sarasota Veterinary Center!

We offer a variety services to pamper your pooch, but in between your visits, there are some things that you can do to keep your pup in tip top shape. Below are home dog grooming Sarasota suggests as dos and don’ts!   

Do Keep Up With Regular Bathing

Some pet owners underestimate the importance of keeping a dog bathed. Besides the obvious physical and vanity reasons, it is also important to maintain a bath schedule to keep your pup’s health and mood high. Bathing your dog regularly will keep away infections and pests such as fleas and ticks.

Do Brush Your Pup Regularly

Brushing is essential for dogs, whether it’s their hair or teeth. One of the dog grooming Sarasota services that we offer includes brushing your pup’s teeth. Teeth brushing, however, should be done on a daily basis, because dental issues can be common with canines. The best way to combat it is with keeping a strict dental hygiene routine.

You also want to regularly brush your dog’s hair to keep it mat free, but also to encourage natural oils to be released from the skin, thus providing your pup with shiny, healthy fur! Brushing also discourages fleas and ticks from attaching to your pup’s hair.

Don’t Over Bathe Your Dog

As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s important that you bathe your pup in-between the dog grooming Sarasota services we offer. We, however, do not recommend that you do it too frequently. Doing so will remove essential natural oils from the skin and cause unnecessary dryness and itchiness.

Don’t Wait Too Long With Nail Clipping

Your dog’s nails grow in a curvy direction i.e. the tips curve down towards the floor, as the nails grow. In order to keep your dog from pain or injury, make sure that his nails are clipped with regularity. If you’re unable to do this yourself, included our dog grooming Sarasota service is nail clipping and filing. This can be done with or without bathing and hair trimming.

Sarasota Veterinary is one of the best dog grooming Sarasota centers in Florida! Contact us today for an appointment or consolation for your pup.