The Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Grooming

Ahhh, now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to check in with the dog grooming Sarasota Veterinary Center staff.

Just as winter has it’s unique requirements, so does summer. With soaring temperatures and blazing suns, we want to make sure that you have the proper grooming tips to keep your pooches cool and comfortable! Here are a few do’s and don’ts for your doggies.

DON’T…shave your dog down to the skin. It seems likely that shorter hair will make them cooler, but that is not the case. Their coats are actually great at keeping your pups cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you were to shave your dog down to its skin, they might get sunburned. Depending on the breed of dog, the sunburn may permanently damage hair follicles and stunt hair growth.

DO…keep long-haired dogs clipped for ease and convenience. Having a haircut in the summer will shorten the time spent on brushing your dog. It will also help to prevent matting and knots.

DON’T…bathe your dog too often. This tip is the same for all seasons. Frequent bathing can strip away your pup’s essential oils, causing dry, itchy skin and a very brittle coat. For in-between your visits to our dog grooming Sarasota center you can use wipes to remove loose dirt and debris from your dog’s coat.

DO…check your dog’s eyes, ears, coat, paws, and skin regularly. With the warm summer weather, your dog may be outside more thus enduring increased physical activity. Make sure that you’re checking your dog for any cuts, scrapes, and insects like flies, ticks, and fleas.

DON’T…forget to pick up flea and tick preventative. Our dog grooming Sarasota services offer flea and tick medications and suggestions. Fleas and ticks are no fun, and they’re hard to fight without consistency. Notwithstanding their annoyance, they also pose health issues for your dog, so prevention and treatment are essential.

DO …follow these tips and enjoy the last days of your summer!