Doggone Dental Disease in Dogs

Can you imagine going days, weeks, months or even years without brushing your teeth?

We imagine that’s difficult for you to fathom. Your oral health would be seriously lacking. Yet, this is the unfortunate situation for many of our four-legged family members who may suffer from dental disease in dogs.

So, what’s the result – bad breath, tooth loss, pain, suffering and even the risk of long-term illness. Here’s a breakdown of the breakdown of your dog’s untreated teeth.

When plaque isn’t removed from your dog’s teeth, it collects there and around the gum line and within a short few days, hardens and turns into tartar.

  • Tartar sticks to the teeth and also irritates the gums.
  • Irritated gums become inflamed causing a condition called gingivitis. If your pup has gingivitis, his gums will be red rather than pink.
  • If the tartar isn’t removed, then guess what…it builds up under the gums.
  • The tartar under the gums will eventually cause them to pull away from the teeth. This creates additional small pockets in the gum tissue. They become openings for more bacteria to grow.
  • At this stage, your pet has developed an irreversible condition of dental disease in dogs called periodontal disease. This is when your pup experiences considerable pain which can result in abscesses, infections, loose teeth, and bone loss.


We have some good news.

At Sarasota Vet Center, there’s a solution. And it’s much easier than you may think! All you need to do is contact us today and we’ll get your dog on the right path back to healthy teeth and gums. Simply schedule an appointment for your pet and we’ll perform a comprehensive, professional dental exam.

Why is this so important that should you consider contacting us?

Because research has shown that pets who don’t suffer from dental disease in dogs have the following freedoms and benefits:

  • Tend to live longer, healthier lives
  • Enjoy pain-free eating, chewing, and playing
  • Have fresher breath (which means more kisses and snuggles with you!)


Give your precious pet the gift of a healthy mouth and prevent or reverse the dental disease in dogs! Call Sarasota Vet today to schedule that appointment before it’s too late! We can’t wait to see you!