Ear Infections

Ear Infections

Proper ear care is extremely critical to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing! It can also go a long way to preventing ear infections, which can be both costly to you and painful for your pets. But many times we don’t think about the implications of not taking care of our pet’s ears until it’s too late!


In dogs and cats, the ear canal is not a straight line. Instead, the canal is very long and makes a turn before going deeper and stopping at the ear drum. Because of this turn, wax can build up over time and cause infections if not cleaned regularly. Many people don’t know that there is always a minute amount of yeast and bacteria of the surface of an animal’s skin and that includes the ear canal, which makes it very susceptible to painful infections. Ear infections in dogs and cats can also be the result of water getting into the ears and getting trapped by an existing wax build up. That’s why it’s so important to clean the pet’s ears after every bath or if they’ve gone swimming!


At Sarasota Vet Center, we can accurately tell what is causing the infection with a simple ear swab. Once the cause is determined, there can be several courses of action. It can be as quick as flushing out the canal with special tools to allow the ear to breathe and prescribing a round of medicated ear drops. Or, if the ear infection is very severe, a round of oral antibiotics may be needed to clear up a bacterial infection deep in the canal. We can also use a cortisone or anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce pain and inflammation, giving your pet much needed relief!


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