Flea Prevention

Flea Prevention

Sarasota is in the Greater Tampa Bay Area which happens to have the most perfect environmental conditions for fleas in the entire world. I guess we residents aren’t the only ones who love the weather on the gulf coast!  Seriously thought, researchers come to this region to investigate fleas and the best flea and tick preventatives.


The doctors and staff at Sarasota Veterinary Center work hard to stay up to date on all the products that are available for the control and prevention of fleas and ticks.  To say that there is some misleading advertising out there would be an understatement. There are a wide range of products including sprays, powders, collars, topical fluids and oral tables and chewables.  Some are just plain toxic and should not be used on animals. Others have varying degrees of safety and effectiveness.


What is safe to say is that anything you can buy over the counter is not going to be as effective as the products sold through veterinarians that are often government regulated by the EPA or FDA.  Because the sale of these products is a multi-billion dollar industry there is a huge problem with counterfeit products being sold through internet companies and also in local pet stores who don’t realize what their distributors are sending to them.


We encourage all pet owners to have a conversation with us and we will help you to pick the best product for your pet just like we do for our own pet because We Love Pets And It Shows!

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