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Grooming is an essential part of caring for those pets whose hair continues to grow throughout their lives.  The interval between grooming visits depends on how long the pet owner likes the hair length to be. For most owners, it is between 4 and 8 weeks.  Grooming is so much more than just bathing and cutting or shaving the hair.  A good groomer will get the hair out of the pet’s ears and clean the ears to help prevent ear infections.  A nail trim and trimming the hair between the toes is important as well. Because some pets can have problems with glands under their tail, it is important for a groomer to check them frequently.



We feel blessed to have Chelle as our groomer at Sarasota Veterinary Center! Since working with horses at the age of 5, Chelle has always had a gift for making animals calm and happy.  In 2002, she combined her creative talents with her natural ability to relate to animals and went to work with a Master Stylist and became a certified groomer.  She meets with her clients when they bring their pets in to discuss how they would like their pet’s hair style to look. She is often complimented for listening to what her clients want and delivering very well.



Another of Chelle’s strengths is how well she works with young puppies. It is crucial that their first grooming experience be a positive interaction. Puppies are very impressionable at such a young age and if they are not happy the first time, they will not like returning for future grooms or veterinary visits. We here at Sarasota Veterinary Center are amazed at how well she works with young puppies and teaches them to like being groomed. It is another compliment Chelle often receives that pets like coming back to see her. Chelle takes pride in her work and every pet she grooms holds a special place in her heart. She truly loves to groom and it shows!

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