Here Kitty Kitty!

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You now have access to informative articles that shed light on many issues that surround the health and well-being of household pets, specifically cats and dogs. At Sarasota Veterinary Center, we offer many services. Often times, there’s a great focus on dogs but we want to ensure you that we excel as a well-trusted cat hospital of Sarasota. We’ve put together a list of questions that you should be prepared to answer prior to bringing in your precious cat to our office.

We recognize that it is difficult to ascertain the injury or illness that may be plaguing your pet. We hope this checklist gives you the start you’ll need to solve the mystery!

  1. What are the current concerns that you have about your cat?
  2. Has your cat been treated for any injuries or illnesses in the past? If so, what are they? No ailment is too small to mention.
  3. Are there any other animals that your cat comes in contact with at home or any other place?
  4. What type of food do you feed your cat?
  5. How often do you feed your cat?
  6. Are you aware of exactly how much food your cat consumes or drinks daily?
  7. Is your cat currently on any medication? Does your cat take any supplements? Include vitamins if necessary.
  8. Is your cat vomiting or experiencing diarrhea? What about coughing or sneezing? Be as detailed as possible when you’re answering this question.
  9. Have you noticed a change in your kitty’s behavior? Is your cat eating and playing normally? How are your cat’s sleeping habits?
  10. If you haven’t previously brought your cat into our cat hospital of Sarasota Veterinary Center, do you have a record of your cat’s vaccination history?


Having these questions answered prior to your appointment will greatly assist our assessment of your kitty. Of course, if you don’t know all of the answers, that is okay. We are here to help you with all of your pet’s needs.