Microchipping 101

Losing your pet can be a tragic and very traumatic event to happen in your and your pet’s lives.

This is why, at Sarasota Veterinary Center, we want to advocate for microchipping your dog. You will be an even more responsible dog owner. Collars and ID tags are great but adding a microchip is even better. That’s because tags can come off, ID lettering can wear off. They aren’t foolproof, but microchipping is. Lost animals turn up at shelters all of the time and they are not always at shelters close to your home. Microchipping your pet will bring you back together sooner than later!

What are microchips?

The microchip dog procedure consists of a computer chip being implanted in your dog with a unique identification number. In case of separation, this will help to reunite you with your lost pet. The actual chip is as small as a grain of rice and placed directly under your pet’s skin with a needle and syringe. It’s akin to a typical vaccination shot. They are secure and will not fall out or break. They work by receiving a radio signal from a scanner from the encoded chip and then back to the scanner. Once it’s scanned, your reunion with your pet is but a phone call away. This is a very simple process and it’s almost too easy not to do!

What are some stats?

Pets who have been microchipped are more likely to be returned to their owners than pets who haven’t been microchipped. A study conducted has results that indicated that cats with microchips were 20 times more likely to be returned home than cats without. For the microchip dog procedure, they were 2.5 times more likely to be returned home than those without.


Getting your pet microchipped is quick, painless, and easy. At Sarasota Veterinary Center, we can conduct this microchip dog procedure right here. The facts don’t lie and they remain that microchips have reunited hundreds of pets with their owners. As long as your information is registered and current, should you and your pet be separated and they’re returned to a shelter, you’ll be reunited with him in no time. The peace of mind is immeasurable. Contact us today for more information and to set up an appointment for your pet.