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At Sarasota Vet, our motto is that “pets are family too.”
Because we believe in this motto, we take care of them in the same manner that we do for our human kids and family members. We recommend that all pet owners make themselves aware of any signs, symptoms, and eventual remedies of your dog’s upset stomach. If you’re a seasoned owner you may be wondering “is pumpkin good for dogs with upset stomach problems?” We have more information for you and a recipe to help your pup get back to feeling better!
The Signs
Before we get into answering “is pumpkin

A dog coughing and sneezing isn’t always a major issue if it’s done every once in a while.
However, if it’s persistent, then there’s a chance your pup might have kennel cough, which is an upper respiratory infection. This infection is highly contagious and spreads throughout the air when there is a dog coughing and sneezing.
Symptoms and Duration?
Other symptoms include snorting, retching, sluggish behavior, thick nasal discharge, and vomiting. Symptoms will appear roughly 2 to 14 days after your dog has been exposed. Puppies and seniors are considered high-risk pets. If contracted they may lose their appetite or

Aging is a natural part of life’s process, and our precious pets aren’t exempt.
Though they may seem very much like the same pup to you, there are bound to be changes to your dog’s health and overall daily movement. This is why it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure the proper senior pet care for your dogs. Here are 5 helpful tips for you to consider.

Be mindful of your dog’s diet.

As your dog ages, they often have issues with food. Whether it’s digestion, or simply chewing it, inevitably there will be food-related problems.  What’s

Something is just not right about your pup.
You’ve noticed that he’s not quite himself and in particular he’s been shaking his ears a lot. That is an early indication of your dog suffering from ear mite symptoms. What are ear mites? The medical term for ear mites is otodectes cynotis. Ear mites are parasites that live in the ears. Though they are nearly invisible to the naked eye, they look a lot like ticks. Without a microscope, ear mites look like little white dots. For mites to fully develop it takes approximately three weeks. They are highly contagious and

There’s nothing like looking at your pup’s sad little eyes knowing he’s not feeling well.
As pet owners, it’s a look that you recognize fairly quickly. When you suspect your dog has upset stomach symptoms, it can tug at your heartstrings! To calm your nerves, we’ve put together a few common signs to look for in addition to remedies to set your pup at ease.

Lethargy and listlessness
Dry heaving
Presence of blood in either feces, vomit, or urine
Passing gas more often than usual
Bloated belly

If you’ve seen any of these ailments, then

Keeps Dogs Healthy, Too!
Most people recognize the importance of mental and physical fitness in their lives.  But did you know that both mental and physical fitness are equally important for our canine family members, too?  There are some basic things that you might not have thought about that you can do every day to have a positive impact on your dog's health.  There are also activities that you can make part of your daily routine that will offer mental and physical benefits for both you and your dog.

Nutrition, for example, is very important for everyone, and that includes dogs, too. 

Is it time to take your annual family vacation?
Did you make plans that won’t accommodate your pup? Did you purposely take a break from puppy parenthood? If you’ve answered yes and need peace of mind from the best dog boarding Sarasota has to offer, then come to Sarasota Veterinary Center. Our motto is “pets are family too," and we treat them like so!

Here are the things that you’ll receive when you chose our center for dog boarding Sarasota proudly hosts:

Your dog will receive undivided attention and supervision.
Your dog will receive care both during the day and at

The language barrier between humans and canines exists, but some non-verbal cues help bridge the gap.
The bridge is especially essential when you’re trying to figure out why do dogs get ear infections after noticing symptoms. It's not uncommon, for instance, for a dog to wake up in the middle of the night, whining, shaking his head, and scratching his ears. There may come a time when you need to visit our office at Sarasota Veterinary Center. Here are some tips and what you should expect when you bring in your pup.
If this is your first visit to our