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Arthritis is an affliction that affects humans and animals too!
Your precious pup may grow old enough to have and suffer from arthritis in dogs. We are arming you with information that you may need.
What is arthritis in dogs?
It’s a condition whereby joints are inflamed. Osteoarthritis is the most common type found in humans and furry family members.  It’s also called or known as degenerative joint disease. Cartilage breaks down thus increasing friction between the bones. As a result, this will cause pain and discomfort. Contact us at Sarasota Veterinary Center for pain management.
What are dog arthritis symptoms?

Okay, so winter is in full swing right about now!
Those of you in colder climates are feeling it and so are your pets. As pet parents, you’re likely in tune with what goes on with your pup, so when she sneezes you may pause and question it. Here is a look at some possible reasons why your dog may be sneezing.
Form of Communication
If you can believe it, some dogs are actually attempting to communicate by making a sneezing sound. If you see your pup sneezing and bowing their heads in an excited way, this means they’re inviting you to

Happy New Year!
The holiday season isn’t over just yet and there’s still more family and friends to visit. As you embark on reuniting with them, what will you do with your pet? Will you take your pup with your or leave him at our dog boarding facility right here at Sarasota Veterinary Center? Either decision you make, we’re here to assist. Take a look at some of our researched tips as it relates to traveling with your pet.
Air Travel
This can be a tricky process so you’ve got to make sure that you research and follow our steps. Firstly,

During fall and winter, there’s a seasonal uptick with the use of pumpkins.
Whether it’s decorative or infused in muffins, warm drinks, or desserts, they are around in some fashion. Because of their appearance, many pet owners wonder “is pumpkin good for dogs with upset stomach symptoms?” That’s a popular concern because, with the holiday season, some dogs have unexcused access to holiday foods! ’Tis true, dogs will try and sneak human treats when they’re ever so abundant. In these cases, there’s a way to help your pup if he happens to get an upset stomach. Pumpkin serves as a

The stages of life are the same for all beings on the planet.
We're born and as we age, our bodies change - sometimes ever so slightly and other times overtly and in your face. As pet parents, it's your duty to take care of your animals from the moment they enter your home and hearts until they depart. At Sarasota Vet, we are here to help you along the way by providing 3 tips for senior pet care.
Tip #1 - Monitor your dog's diet properly.
This is a very basic requirement that should be consistently fulfilled throughout your dog's life.

During this celebratory time, we wish the very best for all of your family members, including the furry four-legged ones.
We know that things can be busy and festive and a bit lax, but we want you to be aware of some holiday hazards for dogs, while you’re celebrating.


Ahhh, chocolate. It’s one of the world’s tastiest treats, but they are incredibly toxic and downright dangerous for dogs. It may seem that a small piece would be harmless but that’s not true. It’s not worth the health risk to sneak this tasty human treat to your pet. During

From time to time you’ve read how we sometimes compare dog ailments to human ailments and conditions.
It’s because there are similarities and it also helps to make points and it’s a little more relatable. So, we’re continuing by talking about dog ear infection symptoms. It can be something serious or something that’s mild and minor. Let’s delve into the actual dog ear infection symptoms first so that you know what to look for with your dog.
Though we are a veterinary center, this post isn’t meant to serve as a diagnosis, but rather provide information that may indicate the

Nobody likes to be sick or to see someone who's sick.
The very same applies to the precious pup in your home. That's why we've decided to give you some natural remedies to help with your dog coughing before you bring him to our office. Sometimes, time is all that's needed!
Remedy #1 - Steam
Just as with humans, a good old steam session can help to clear up any bronchial passages that may cause your dog coughing to flare up. Steam works wonders for humans and dogs. All you'll need to do is steam up the bathroom by running a really