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Have you previously battled fleas on your dog?
Then you know that with the approaching warm weather across the country, this means more walks outside and more interactions with other dogs. You want to prepare your dog in the event that he encounters those pesky fleas! A proactive flea dip may be what the doctor ordered. But what exactly is a flea dip anyway and how did it gain such popularity? We have some answers for you.
What are the origins of flea dips?
The term flea dip has actually been around since the 1870’s. Pet owners started using the very

Read below to learn the signs of a urinary blockage in cats.
Unfortunately, urinary infections are among one of the most common reasons cats have been brought into offices and hospitals. Neglecting, whether intentional or not, to treat a urinary tract infection can lead to blockage, which can lead to death.
Stage 1: There’s weird peeing behavior.
Odd symptoms are exhibited with urinary blockage in cats. You may notice that they frequently sprint to their litter boxes. You may also hear them whimper and cry out while they’re attempting to urinate. They will often pay closer attention to their genitalia, licking them

If your dog has upset stomach symptoms, don’t be so quick to worry.

It’s pretty common, especially given that dogs are so curious and tend to orally explore the world! They eat things humans couldn't fathom, nonetheless consume and digest! Dogs have been known to eat and pass large and small objects with amazement and wonder from ER staff. At any rate, they don’t always feel good doing it. Should you notice some abnormalities in your pup’s behavior, there are several at home remedies for you to utilize, if your dog has upset stomach symptoms.
Some of the common

     Behavior problems are the #1 reason dog owners give up their pets to shelters.
Different studies have indicated that owners who relinquish their dogs reveal that it is due to a behavioral issue 50 percent to as often as 65 percent of the time. Frequently, it is because the owner encouraged bad behavior when his or her puppy was small and cute.

Puppies go through two stages of socialization very early in their lives. The first stage is from 3 to 5 weeks, when they learn from their mothers how to be dogs and interact appropriately with their littermates. The second

With our pet's inability to tell us when they're hurting, it can be difficult to effectively diagnose joint pain for dogs!
Watching your loving pet to suffer from joint pain can be highly painful for you as well. So, you should look for different ways to alleviate his pain with utmost care and compassion. There are different reasons why your canine has a pain in his joints. So it becomes important to identify the root cause of the issue, such that the best treatment becomes possible. This is where a veterinarian can help you see your pet again in a happy

What to Expect, When You're Expecting a New Four-Legged Family Member!
Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, but those first few days, weeks and months are crucial for developing a pet that will be a well-adjusted and well-behaved member of the family. There are important health considerations, as well. I always tell my clients that bringing home a new puppy is like bringing home a new baby from the hospital- except the hospital won't release the baby until mom and dad have had an educational lecture from a nurse, watched a number of informative videos, and have spent

Make sure you’ve got all the facts about vaccinations for indoor pets!
It’s a common enough question for owners of pets that either rarely go outside or never go outside, but the answer to the question of should you vaccinate is always “Yes!”. It may seem like it’s a waste of time and money for a vaccination, but the truth is that your pet can be exposed to an infectious disease whether or not they set foot outside! Keeping vaccinations for indoor pets current is a very important part of keeping them happy and healthy!
It’s just not worth the risk!
Even if

Make sure your furry family members are protected from heartworm disease in pets!
While serious illnesses like feline leukemia and pet cancer are often the most worrisome for owners, there are parasite-borne diseases that are more deadly and more prevalent. Heartworm disease in pets is a life-threatening illness that happen to both cats and dogs. While you might think that it can only happen during hot and humid months, when the mosquitos, the carriers of the disease, are out, but it can happen at any time.
Understanding heartworm disease is key
Most pet owners are aware of the disease and what the results