Traveling With Your Pet

Happy New Year!

The holiday season isn’t over just yet and there’s still more family and friends to visit. As you embark on reuniting with them, what will you do with your pet? Will you take your pup with your or leave him at our dog boarding facility right here at Sarasota Veterinary Center? Either decision you make, we’re here to assist. Take a look at some of our researched tips as it relates to traveling with your pet.

Air Travel

This can be a tricky process so you’ve got to make sure that you research and follow our steps. Firstly, if you’re traveling by air, you need to make sure that the airline accepts pets. You’ll need to get this information by calling them directly or checking their website. You’ll need to factor in additional fare for your pet. Most flights are no more than $125 each way. Airlines like JetBlue allows you to purchase your pup’s ticket online while making the reservation. Most flights have a 2-3 animal cap on how many can fly per flight. Booking your pet’s reservation sooner than later is imperative. You will also need to get a vet travel certificate within a certain number of days before your trip. At Sarasota Vet, we can provide this for you.

Please make sure that your pet is small enough to fit in a standard, airline pet carrier. This is very important too. It will make a difference in the price as well as where your pet will be physically flying, i.e. under the seat with you or in the cabin with luggage.

Car Travel

If you’re taking a trip in your car, bringing along your pet can be fun as long as you plan properly and this post is helping you to accomplish that preparation.

You should know that some dogs are stressed in the car and can get dog car sickness. Before your long trip, start taking your dog on shorter local trips to the store or something like that. You’ll be able to know if, in fact, he suffers from dog car sickness. If so, make an appointment with us to discuss solutions and remedies.

While you’re on your trip, make sure that you have food and water and comfort items like blankets, toys, and treats. To avoid dog car sickness, then you’ll want to make sure that he’s not fed within two hours of your trip. This will give them greater comfort.


Traveling with your pets can be a great adventure and a rewarding one for both of you. Following our advice will help you create great memories.