urinary blockage

Urinary Blockage – A Serious Matter

Read below to learn the signs of a urinary blockage in cats.

Unfortunately, urinary infections are among one of the most common reasons cats have been brought into offices and hospitals. Neglecting, whether intentional or not, to treat a urinary tract infection can lead to blockage, which can lead to death.

Stage 1: There’s weird peeing behavior.

Odd symptoms are exhibited with urinary blockage in cats. You may notice that they frequently sprint to their litter boxes. You may also hear them whimper and cry out while they’re attempting to urinate. They will often pay closer attention to their genitalia, licking them furiously after trying to pee. In male cats, their penises will protrude.

Stage 2: Severe pain is evident.

Your cat’s bladder fills as his kidneys continue to produce urine and this causes severe pain for your kitten cat. She may respond to her pain by trying to hide it or becoming increasingly distressed. You’ll feel and notice an immediate reaction if you attempt to pick her up or touch her tummy.

Stage 3: Nausea and lethargy begin setting.

As the urinary blockage in cats persists, the urine filled bladder puts pressure on the kidneys and they stop working altogether. Urine is no longer produced. Waste builds in the blood causing uremia (poisoning by urea, which is normally excreted in the urine). Your cat’s kidney failure leads to nausea and a loss of appetite. At this point, your cat should have received some sort of medical attention. This is an extremely crucial time. If you haven’t visited your vet yet, your cat could possibly die within the next 24 hours.

Stage 4: Your cat collapses.

A urinary blockage in cats causes kidney failure, severe dehydration, and toxins in the blood which leads to imbalances in the electrolytes that keeps the body running smoothly. As a result, abnormalities in the heartbeat occurs and ultimately a failure of other organs to operate properly. The bladder may be ruptured at this point and toxic shock can set into an already poorly functioning and overly stressed body.

Stage 5: Death

Urinary blockage in cats can cause death.

Read and re-read what we’ve shared with you. These symptoms are very important and detrimental to you and your cat living long healthy lives together. While they can be fatal, monitoring your cat’s behavior and staying on top of it can circumvent fatality. Should you suspect any of the aforementioned symptoms, contact us immediately for an appointment.