dog has upset stomach

Your Doggy’s Tummy Is Turning and Upset – What To Do

If your dog has upset stomach symptoms, don’t be so quick to worry.


It’s pretty common, especially given that dogs are so curious and tend to orally explore the world! They eat things humans couldn’t fathom, nonetheless consume and digest! Dogs have been known to eat and pass large and small objects with amazement and wonder from ER staff. At any rate, they don’t always feel good doing it. Should you notice some abnormalities in your pup’s behavior, there are several at home remedies for you to utilize, if your dog has upset stomach symptoms.

Some of the common symptoms to look out for are:

She has dry heaves, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Blood is in her vomit, urine, or feces.

A few foreign objects in your house all of a sudden have disappeared or have remarkably new chew scars all over them.

Your pup has been seen eating grass.

She’s passing gas more often.

You’ve noticed lethargy in her otherwise active and alert demeanors.

Her bloated belly is unusual and visible.


Below are three of the most commonly used home remedies for addressing when your dog has upset stomach issues.


Pepto Bismol – The Pink Paradise!

This has to be one of the most common cure of all, because Pepto Bismol has been around and making people feel better forever! It’s available over-the-counter at your local neighborhood pharmacy or grocery stores. Your dog has upset stomach symptoms that can be expeditiously addressed with Pepto Bismol, especially if diarrhea is one of the most prominent and noticeable symptoms.

Give your pup the regular strength formula. Administer one-half to 1 ml of Pepto Bismol, per pound of the dog’s body weight. For example, if your dog weighs 50 pounds, 25 ml to 50 ml of medication should be given. The medication can be distributed every six to eight hours, but never to pregnant or nursing dogs.


Slow Down and Fast

Essentially, put her on a fast for the next 12-24 hours. Limit her water intake, but no food. This will detoxify her body and get her on the path of wellness. After the fast, put her on a bland diet, by giving her 3 – 4 small servings of boneless, skinless, chicken and boiled brown or white rice. There should be no spices or seasonings of any sort. Over the next 48 hours gradually increase the portions until she’s back to her normal feedings and self.  



Mint and ginger root teas are among the most popular drinks that you can give when your dog has upset stomach symptoms. Smaller dogs can drink a coffee/tea mug per day. Medium to larger dogs can consume approximately three mugs. After brewing, allow the tea to cool to room temperature, before introducing it to your pup.

Another alternative is giving your dog Gatorade instead of water or mixed with their water. Just as with humans, it will help to restore the electrolytes in his system after experiencing vomiting or diarrhea. During this time, it’s especially important that your dog doesn’t become dehydrated.


If none of these remedies seem to produce noticeable effects after 24 hours, contact us immediately for more assistance and advice. We are always here to help at Sarasota Veterinary Center.