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We love animals and it show when you visit us at Sarasota Veterinary Center. Your pet will be greeted by name and so will you when you enter our doors. Our staff members work here because they love to people and their pets. We think nothing at all of getting down on the floor to meet your pets and make them feel comfortable. We want you and your pets to have a warm, welcoming and positive experience.

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Dr. Dave’s Pet Articles

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  • “Blocked cat” is a term used when a cat’s urethra becomes obstructed or “blocked,” and he or she cannot urinate. This condition also is known as Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS) and feline Urethral Obstruction (FUO). It is most common in male cats, but occasionally occurs in female cats, as well.......

  •  Understanding Harmful Foods for Pets! The media has done a very good job of advising pet owners not to give their pet’s jerky treats or any treat made in China, because they have been causing illness and death for a number of years now. However, it is equally important for......

  • That time of year is steadfastly approaching.   Many humans aren’t looking forward to it and the same goes for many pups. It’s almost allergy season! With dog allergies itching and discomfort go hand and hand, but are you sure if that’s what may be ailing your dog? Here are......