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Don’t have the time or skills to groom your pet yourself? Check out these tips to find the perfect grooming salon!
Grooming in pets is as equally important as grooming in human beings. It is crucial for your pets to prevent them from getting matted, developing skin conditions and staying clean inside your home. Grooming is actually a very broad term. It not only includes bathing, but cutting or shaving hair, trimming nails, expressing anal glands and many other things as well.
The importance of routine grooming
Depending on the breed of dog or cat you have, their grooming requirements can be quite different. Dogs

Busy schedule? Don't let this get in the way of caring for your household pets!
Consulting a veterinarian for your pet's health is important, but maybe it's taken a back-seat due to a hectic schedule. With work, children and other concerns, it's not always feasible for you to take time off work to spend half a day at a veterinarian center, especially if it's last minute. But there are solutions! Sarasota vets that offer a convenient drop-off service for your pets can be a life saver if a situation pops up!

It can be difficult to find time to go to local Sarasota veterinarians with your pet, spend time there and

Even if your dog is still cute while being a little on the hefty side, being overweight can have serious side effects!
Dogs are also prone to obesity like human beings. Obesity is described as an excess accumulation of fats. This situation generally rises when calorie intake is greater than calories out. There are also certain dog breeds that have tendencies to become overweight. Either way, obesity can be detrimental to your dog's health as it puts extra weight on joints and feet. It can also make breathing difficult. Therefore, you should consult a veterinarian who can advise you on how to manage weight in dogs.

Your pet's dental care should be an important part of their overall health routine!
Oral health in your pets is as important as it is for you. Just imagine how your mouth would feel if you don’t brush and floss regularly. Similarly, your pet’s oral health will be impaired if you don’t take care of their oral hygiene needs. Searching for Sarasota veterinarians that can help you keep up with your pet's dental care is a very integral part of pet ownership.

Sarasota veterinarians usually suggest that you should get your pet’s teeth checked twice a year. Keeping to this schedule will help cut down on the amount of problems

Don't get blindsided by fleas this year, make sure you and your pets are covered!
Your dog can be exposed to fleas very easily. Fleas are annoying insects. They take shelter on dogs’ skin and feed on their blood. They cause scratching, itching and skin irritation. Dogs can be severely anemic due to fleas. Always remember it doesn’t take a long time for a few fleas to proliferate themselves into an infestation. Therefore, you should keep consulting veterinarians to prevent your dogs from flea attacks. Sarasota vets can give you professional tips to prevent and cure your dog from fleas.
Sarasota Vets Tips to

While kennel cough is usually the culprit when it comes to coughing and sneezing in dogs, allergies could also be to blame!
One of the most common problems that you’ll find your pet is allergies. Symptoms of allergy include itching, hair loss, coughing, runny eyes and sneezing. Like you, your pets are also exposed to allergens that can be detrimental to their health. However, these allergens are not deadly, but they can be annoying for both you and your pet. If your pet is suffering from an allergy, we definitely recommend seeing a Sarasota veterinarian.
Know the allergens that affect your pet’s health
Common allergens that can

Since the day you bring a dog home, it becomes a part of your family
Having any kind of pet is a big responsibility. You should ensure that your pet is living a healthy life. It needs a nutritious diet, proper exercise, medication, vaccination and preventive care.

Sarasota veterinarians provide services for the complete preventive care for your pets. You need to consult them regularly and follow their advice. At Sarasota Veterinary Center, Dr. Smith has several years of experience in guiding people on how to properly take care of dogs throughout their lives.
Medical checkups and senior wellness profiles
Dogs also fall prey to diseases just like

If your dog is suffering from arthritic joint pain, consider laser therapy today!
Joint pain in dogs is a very serious condition. Your dog can be an arthritic at any age in life. You can help alleviate the symptoms of this painful condition with the help of a laser therapy. Laser therapy is a surgery-free and drug-free non-invasive treatment. It helps to whittle down pain, inflammation and boost up healing.

Several veterinarian centers provide the service of laser therapy, but you can get this at reasonable cost at Sarasota Veterinary Center!
How Does Laser Therapy Work?
Laser treatment involves a deep-penetrating light. It promotes a chain of chemical reactions,