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Like older human beings, dogs also go through pain in their joints. Extensive physical activity like jumping from heights can cause wear and tear in the ligaments. This could lead to severe pain, discomfort and inactivity. This is the time when your pet needs joint pain dogs treatment.

If you are in need of guidance, advice or help regarding this, read this compact guide on joint pain dogs treatment. Understand the needs of your dog and follow the given tips to help relieve the pain.
What are the causes of joint pain in case of dogs?
Joint pain is caused due to reasons more severe

It can be a difficult decision choosing the right veterinarian Sarasota services! So we've put together a couple of tips to make the process easier!
Determining the veterinarian for your puppy is a matter of critical importance! There are many factors that must be considered before choosing the right vet for your dog. Accreditation of the veterinarian, how your dog responds to his treatment, how sensitive he is and how well your pet likes him are some of the most important things you should check before choosing a vet for your pet. Here are some steps that you can follow to find

Are you considering dog boarding Sarasota FL because of an upcoming vacation? Or maybe you're worried your beloved pets are alone too often during the day?
Are you worried about your dog’s care when you are loaded with your work? Or you have a vacation planned with no one to keep the pups? There are many service providers for your dog boarding Sarasota FL. Having a great service that you can rely on makes it even easier to relax on vacation or get your work done with as little stress as possible. But it can be hard to choose the boarding facility

Harmless or harmful? What to do when researching dog coughing and sneezing treatment! 
Being a pet owner, you must equip yourself with all sorts of medical care information, but it's hard to separate what's a harmless symptom opposed to one that could be dangerous. It's pretty well known that dogs cough and sneeze too, just like human beings, but when should you seek treatment? Canine influenza is a disease that affects dogs, especially during the chilly months. It can cause suffering and aggravation to your dog, just as it affects humans. To top that, dog flu is highly contagious. The virus from another dog

Here at Sarasota Veterinary Center, we cannot emphasize enough how stressful and painful non anesthetic pet dental treatments really are!
There has been a recent cottage industry that has popped up, especially preying on pet owners that have a fear of putting their pet under anesthesia. But, in truth, the procedures have so many adverse effects for pets, while also having virtually no health benefits. Read on for more about the misconceptions of non anesthetic pet dental cleanings.
The big difference
The simple truth is that non anesthetic dental cleanings and the more traditional treatments are not the same at all. In fact,

If you're searching for dog grooming Sarasota, look no further! Our wonderful grooming staff can pamper your pooch like no other!
It can be difficult to find a salon or groomer that meets all of your needs, which is why our clinic strives so hard to be the best! Our talented grooming staff has the experience and necessary skills to keep your favorite four-legged family member looking good. Whether you're looking for a more technical cut or simply need bathing and nail trimming done on a regular basis, we've got you covered. Read on for why Sarasota Veterinary Center is the

Don't let bugs bother you this summer, read up on how to treat your yard for fleas and ticks!
If you have a pet at home, you are probably used to the idea of having fleas and ticks around your yard or home. Going to great lengths to treat the ticks and fleas is something every dog owner is well acquainted with. Vacuuming the house and washing everything in it is a common step taken to get rid of the parasites. But you must not forget the fact that your yard needs cleaning too. Fleas and ticks live in the yard

A veterinarian answers the question, "Should I neuter my dog?"
Every dog owner shares the concern about determining the correct age for neutering a pet dog. While some countries have certain restrictions, economic and cultural prohibitions, it is highly important that you look at the positive side of it and realize its importance. Unless you intend to breed dogs, you must have a basic understanding about neutering and spaying.

Neutering provides many health benefits. It decreases the chances of your pet getting affected by serious diseases in later life. It acts as a preventive measure which can avoid harmful conditions in the