Have you previously battled fleas on your dog?
Then you know that with the approaching warm weather across the country, this means more walks outside and more interactions with other dogs. You want to prepare your dog in the event that he encounters those pesky fleas! A proactive flea dip may be what the doctor ordered. But what exactly is a flea dip anyway and how did it gain such popularity? We have some answers for you.
What are the origins of flea dips?
The term flea dip has actually been around since the 1870’s. Pet owners started using the very

Read below to learn the signs of a urinary blockage in cats.
Unfortunately, urinary infections are among one of the most common reasons cats have been brought into offices and hospitals. Neglecting, whether intentional or not, to treat a urinary tract infection can lead to blockage, which can lead to death.
Stage 1: There’s weird peeing behavior.
Odd symptoms are exhibited with urinary blockage in cats. You may notice that they frequently sprint to their litter boxes. You may also hear them whimper and cry out while they’re attempting to urinate. They will often pay closer attention to their genitalia, licking them

If your dog has upset stomach symptoms, don’t be so quick to worry.

It’s pretty common, especially given that dogs are so curious and tend to orally explore the world! They eat things humans couldn't fathom, nonetheless consume and digest! Dogs have been known to eat and pass large and small objects with amazement and wonder from ER staff. At any rate, they don’t always feel good doing it. Should you notice some abnormalities in your pup’s behavior, there are several at home remedies for you to utilize, if your dog has upset stomach symptoms.
Some of the common

Choosing a dog boarding place in Sarasota can be stressful, but you can trust that your pooch is in excellent hands with us!
We know what it’s like to have to travel or be away from home, either because of work obligations or for vacation purposes. We also know that it can be difficult to leave your precious pup during that time, both logistically and emotionally. Lucky for you, we are here to help because we are one of the best places for dog boarding Sarasota has to offer!
Here are the things you need to consider when selecting a place for your

We recognize the importance of keeping your dog healthy and clean.
That's why we have one of the best services for dog grooming Sarasota FL has to offer! We pride ourselves on doing a great job by keeping the dog owners pleased and coming back again and again with their precious pups.
So what exactly is dog grooming?
Dog grooming refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog. It is the process by which a dog’s physical appearance is enhanced for showing or other forms of competition or simply lounging around the house. Grooming is so much more than just

Sarasota Veterinary Center presents Dr. Dave Smith, veterinarian, father and friend!
It’s not often that young children know exactly who and what they want to be when they grow up, but that wasn’t the case for Dr Dave Smith! At a very young age, Dr Dave developed a passion for animals, beyond just wanting to have pets. In the 6th grade, he knew he wanted to be Dr Dave Vet! At an Eagle Scout dinner, he had the opportunity to meet a local veterinarian and soon thereafter began working in his office, in his hometown of Thomasville, Georgia.

During a time when

Sometimes you just have to say no to those big puppy dog eyes begging for some of your dinner!
We’ve previously covered harmful foods for dogs, but sometimes people need a refresher! So we’ve compiled another list for your information and protection of your furry family members.
Apple Seeds
The casing of apple seeds are very toxic to a dog as they contain a natural chemical called amygdlin, that releases cyanide when digested. This is mostly an issue if large amounts were consumed and the seeds were chewed up by the dog, causing it to enter its bloodstream. Apples aren’t harmful foods for dogs,

As our dogs age, things that were once second nature can become a major effort.
You may notice that their leisure jog has become a stiff walk, or that they’re no longer able to effortlessly jump on and off of beds or furniture. And while there are solutions available to help ease the pain, or even to counteract some of the effects, you still need to be aware of what to look for.

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments in middle-aged to older pets. It causes changes within the affected joints that can be pretty painful for your pup. Below