We offer many services here at Sarasota Veterinary Center and they extend beyond treating dogs.
We are also a premier cat hospital of Sarasota, Florida. You can bring your cuddly cat into our office for various reasons, from minor to major we handle all cases. In fact, our veterinarians wear many hats and being a surgeon is one of them. This also requires being an anesthesiologist as well.

Both Dr. Dave Smith and Dr. John Fifarek are skilled soft tissue surgeons and have an excellent relationship with several local board certified veterinary surgeons to refer our orthopedic cases to. We

“Pets are family, too.”
This is our motto that we live and stand by daily.
We know how important furry family members are and this is why we treat your pet so lovingly well. We know all of the names of our longtime, four-legged guests and their owners, as well! Read on to learn why we’re one of the best vets in Sarasota FL!
Our History
Our doors have been open for business since 1983. For the duration, we have been proudly serving the people and pets of Sarasota County. We also serve in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, providing high quality

It’s a common fact that fleas are pesky and it takes tenacity and commitment to get rid of them.
With both, it’s certainly possible! We’ve previously shared various ways to make flea dips for your dogs. Now we’re going to share how to treat your yard for fleas because this is equally important to do.
Pre-Check - Before you start the process, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Determine exactly where the fleas are hiding out and frequenting. They prefer areas that are warm, moist, and shady. It’s no coincidence that those areas are where your dog likes to hang

Just as much as you regard your pup as family, they regard you the same way.

They completely depend on you to take the utmost care of them, even when you’ve got to go out of town and leave them behind. The reality is that sometimes your human family and friends aren’t always equipped with the proper knowledge and patience to take care of your pup. In those cases, you can depend on the dog boarding Sarasota professionals right here at Sarasota Veterinary Center. As fellow pet owners and lovers, we feel your pain. Thankfully, here at the premiere

Humans and dogs alike have seasonal allergies and even food allergies.

Now is the time for the former and we’re here to educate you if you notice your dog allergies itching and scratching symptoms. Dogs can’t tell us what’s bothering them, so as pet owner, it is your responsibility to pick up on the clues. It is pretty common that with dog allergies itching and irritation go hand-in-hand. Let’s delve into the ins and outs of dog allergies.
What are allergies?
Allergies are immune system’s response to substances like food, dust, pollen, or fur, which causes discomfort and illness with varying

The discovery of fleas on your pup can be disconcerting, we know!
The good thing is that if you can tackle them head-on and steadfastly, you can be rid of them for once and for all. We have some tips on giving your dog a flea dip at home. What exactly is a flea dip anyway? The term flea dip refers to both the process and product used to get rid of fleas. We have a simple, yet effective, natural home remedy to help you fight the fleas!

This homemade flea dip will not only repel and kill fleas, but will

Pup-tacular services for dog grooming Sarasota has to offer is right here at Sarasota Veterinary Center!
We offer a variety services to pamper your pooch, but in between your visits, there are some things that you can do to keep your pup in tip top shape. Below are home dog grooming Sarasota suggests as dos and don’ts!   
Do Keep Up With Regular Bathing
Some pet owners underestimate the importance of keeping a dog bathed. Besides the obvious physical and vanity reasons, it is also important to maintain a bath schedule to keep your pup’s health and mood high. Bathing your dog

You’ve recently discovered that there is joint pain in your pup.

This doesn’t always mean that you have to bring them in to our Sarasota Veterinary Center right away. There are some things that you can do to facilitate their pain and discomfort.

Remedy #1: Provide a Healthy Diet
One of the most effective ways to ease joint pain in dogs is to regulate their diets. The excessive body weight puts unwanted pressure on their joints, thus causing them more pain. Getting and keeping your dog at an ideal weight decreases the stress on their joints and the inflammation.