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Sarasota Veterinary Center – Your Family Pet Center!

Sarasota Veterinary Center – Your Family Pet Center!

Our motto is that “Pets Are Family Too,” so when searching for a Sarasota veterinarian that will treat them as such, look no further!

We’ve been proudly serving the pets and families of the Sarasota, FL area since 1984.

Dr. Dave Smith is the owner and lead veterinarian at this Sarasota Veterinary Center. Dr. Dave likes to surround himself with staff members whose love of animals and compassion is obvious to all who enter the center. Because of Dr. Dave and his passion for establishing preventative care for aging pets, they are consequently living longer and healthier lives.

In addition, we have always focused on providing exceptional customer service. Below is one of our most recent raving reviews regarding the treatment and service at Sarasota Veterinary Center.

“The staff at Sarasota Veterinary Center are the most amazing, loving, and caring people I’ve ever met. We adopted a Boxer puppy about 6 months ago. After having him for 3 days he started showing signs and symptoms of parvo. I called the office right before closing. These AMAZING people stayed late that night so I could bring Costa in. He stayed at the vet and was successfully treated. Everyday I received an update. Every time we were in it was obvious that they loved our dog just like we do. These amazing people never cease to amaze me. The girls in the back make special trips in to check on him every time we’re there. It’s obvious how much our dog is loved. We can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for our sweet dog!”

This is just one of many positive reviews we receive from our happy pet parents. So, if you’re looking for a Sarasota veterinarian, we are here for you!