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Managing Joint Pain in Dogs: Sarasota Veterinary Center

Managing Joint Pain in Dogs: Sarasota Veterinary Center

While pain is an unfortunate part of life, your dog doesn’t have to suffer from joint pain any longer!

As many of you know, animals also suffer from joint pain, just like human beings. They can also experience many of the same problems as we do when they get older. One of the most common and serious ailments among them is joint pain in dogs and other pets. Undoubtedly, joint pain affects the quality of their life. You develop an emotional bond with your pet over time and you’ll definitely not like to see them hurting. There are many ways to manage joint pain in dogs and cats. These ways can make them to make the most of their life.

In addition to medical treatments, other available options are nutrition, supplements, physical therapy and much more that improve their quality of life:

  • A Nutritious, Well-balanced Diet

Your pet also needs a balanced diet, just like you. Dogs and cats are also prone to inflammation and fat is a source of inflammation. So you should offer them a diet that is nutritious and doesn’t put weight on them. Higher weight stresses the joints leading to pain. To prevent your pet from arthritis, you should keep supervising their weight regularly. Dr. Dave offers nutritional counseling for dogs in need.

  • Physical Therapy

Regular physical activity is requisite for your pets to fend off joint stiffness and pain. A warm up period of walking, chasing ball, controlled walking through grass and pools, swimming and under water treadmills are some important therapies that boost joint flexibility. Physical therapy also includes cryotherapy and heat therapy to manage joint pain in dogs.

  • Supplements and Vitamins

At a certain age, your pets may need a supplement to maintain immunity and healthy joints. You can take the advice of Dr. Smith, a local Sarasota veterinarian, on supplements that could be helpful to improve joints of your pet. Fish oil is an effective supplement. You can supplement your dog’s food with fish oil supplements to alleviate joint pain.

  • Pain Medications

Pain medications are commonly used to treat arthritis. However, you should always use these medicines on orders from a licensed veterinarian, as they can have side effects. These medicines have anti-inflammatory properties that block the enzymes that lead to cartilage inflammation. Joint injections are also used to alleviate certain pain.

  • Surgery

The surgery option is used only when joints are completely damaged. Surgery can involve removal of cartilage, joint replacement and total hip replacement. The veterinarian will supervise your pet’s condition acutely and discuss the pros and cons of surgery with you. A good alternative to surgery, especially on older pets, is the use of light laser therapy, which is a non-invasive treatment that is revolutionizing the industry!