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Senior Pet Care: Wellness Profiles and Veterinary Care

Senior Pet Care: Wellness Profiles and Veterinary Care

While the age number for a pet to be considered a senior ranges from pet to pet, one thing is true: senior dogs and cats need extra care to keep them happy, healthy and pain-free! Don’t let your beloved pet’s remaining years be shortened because of preventable diseases and conditions. The best kind of senior pet care is a proactive and consistent veterinary program and we can help you get there!

Senior pet care starts with your veterinarian!

It is recommended that once your pet is considered a senior, you should bring them in a minimum of twice a year to help maintain their health. A physical and blood work should be done to assess the pet’s condition and overall wellbeing. Then you and your veterinarian can go over the results of the lab work and set priorities for the continued care of your pet. Senior wellness profiles and geriatric bloodwork profiles are essential for senior pet care! Here are some other things your veterinarian can help your senior pet with:

  • Pain management for arthritis. As pets get older, they often develop joint pain and arthritis. But this can easily be managed with vet prescribed pain medications. At our clinic, we even have light therapy lasers that can reduce inflammation and increase mobility. It’s very important to work with your vet when dealing with a senior pet’s chronic pain.
  • Dental cleanings. Here at Sarasota Veterinary Center, we cannot stress enough how important the maintenance of your pet’s teeth can be! Gums and teeth that haven’t been properly cleaned can cause constant pain for a senior pet. We specialize in making sure your older pet can get their cleanings done safely and stress-free!
  • Diet, exercise and other preventative care. When pets are moving from adult to senior care, many things may need to change with them. We can help you find vitamins and supplements needed to slow the progression of certain senior pet care concerns and conditions. We can also point you in the right direction of any food or diet changes that need to be made.