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Should I Give My Dog Supplements?

Should I Give My Dog Supplements?

How to know if you should be giving your dog supplements

Your pet’s nutrition is a very important part of keeping them happy and healthy, but it can be hard to know exactly what they need! Vitamins and supplements have always been important for people to improve their health and wellbeing and now we’re wondering if the same is true for our pets. Truth is, there is no right answer and every four-legged family member is different and so are their needs, but taking a closer look at what they’re taking in is always a good idea!

It all starts with the food!

We all know that choosing the right food for your dog is important! Many of the higher-end dog food companies produce a very well-balanced diet for your pet and would make additional vitamins or supplements unnecessary. Especially if the dog food is breed specific or for a certain life stage, you can typically rest assured that your dog is getting the well-rounded nutrition they need. If your pet has any medical concerns, make sure you talk with your veterinarian before changing or supplementing their diet.

So many different supplements!

Another reason why it’s essential to consult your veterinarian before deciding on vitamins or supplements is because there are so many to choose from! Also, the pet supplement and nutraceutical industry is not regulated by the FDA, so that means you could be getting mislabeled or dangerous dog supplements if you’re not careful. Your veterinarian can not only point you in the right direction as far as brand names, but also give you advice on what your pet really needs.

A good vet relationship is always key.

Having a licensed veterinarian who knows you and your pet is always going to be the best medicine. Getting routine checkups and wellness panels, especially in senior pets, can help you keep your pet in tip top shape and when it comes time to supplement their diet, you can make that decision with the help of your trusted vet.